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Deran Academy is a co-educational, private secondary school in Richmond Hill, Ontario adhering to the learning and teaching standards set by the Ontario ministry of education. The school offers secondary level courses based on the Ontario Curriculum and strictly adheres to the mandated Education Ministry Documents which include: Ontario Schools Policy and Program Requirements; Curriculum Guidelines; and, Growing Success for Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Policy.


Our vision is to provide an inspiration and conductive learning environment to nurture the potential of every student measured against the highest international educational standards.


Our goals are to develop in each Deran Academy student:

  • The ability to achieve their full academic potential and realize their ambitions through commitment and focus;
  • A deep sense of responsibility to serve their community selflessly;
  • A sense of confidence and self-reliance so that students are productive members of society;
  • A passion for independent and self-motivated lifelong learning;

Leadership skills so that inspire and lead the world to be a better plaace.

We strive to nurture in each Deran Academy student;

  • Critical thinking skills to learn and critique logically and rationally;
  • Resourcefulness to handle any challenge through creative solutions.


Our motto is Filios Melioris Aevi, which means “Children of a Better Age”.

The open book in our school’s crest symbolises knowledge, whereas the four main spirals of the ample leaf represent the school’s four corporate values; people-centeredness, principles, passion and professionalism. The bird reflects the true essence of learning which is exploration, freedom, and enjoyment.


Our institutional values are centred around the 4Ps model. We are:

People-centred: We choose to value people and their chose. We invest our time, energy and resources to build better relationships. We are committed to the success of each and every student. Respect, care and trust underpin all our interactions. We value the diversity of our mentors and students.

Principled: We strongly believe in the idea of right and wrong and ensure that our ideas, words and actions correspond to our commitment to honesty and fair play. We value integrity, honesty and above all transparency in all our dealings.

Passionate: We believe in the power of passion to translate every potential dream into an active reality.

Professional: We are proud of our professional service through special education, training and skills to meet the needs of every individual.


Our mission is to advance learning through teaching, scholarship and service by offering outstanding education available by virtue of our academic strength.

Educational Philosophy

Deran Academy is committed to the fact that all students have the capability to succeed if an inspirational and conductive learning environment is provided for them. Our top priority is to facilitate a safe and supportive learning process where every child is happy and constructively engaged according to his own individual learning needs. To achieve this, we have deliberately chosen small class size to encourage focused and individual attention for each of our students. Periodic external evaluation ensures that our program and campus facilitate meet the very highest standards. The campus facilitates themselves have been carefully chosen to foster a relaxed, stess-free and enjoyable environment for learning academic growth. Furthermore, an open and active dialogue with all stakeholders ensures transparency and accountability.

Our teachers are all qualified and experienced professionals who are driven by passion, commitment and an outstanding sense of responsibility to deliver the best quality education to every student. They are members of the Ontario College of Teachers and as such are able to teach the Ontario Curriculum in the most effective manner to help students develop their literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking, research, and communication skills to achieve academic excellence. Furthermore, they are able to understand and appreciate the individual learning needs of each of our students, and are thus able to customize teaching to cater to each student’s individual strength and weakness. They are fully committed to recognize the learning potential of all our students and to develop their creative, critical thinking and leadership skills so that they can become inspirational role model and leaders in a global community.

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