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ESL programs in DERAN ACADEMY aims to improve students’ English skills not only in personal life, academic research, but also the future career development. We have experienced professional teachers who will offer high-quality training for students in different levels.

With the help of the teachers, students can enrich their after-school lives by participating in activities such as city tour, field expansion, movie appreciation inside and outside the school, etc.


Course Outline


Level A: Introduction and Foundation of English Language and North American Culture

Level B: Intermediate understanding of English as a Second Language

Level C: Comprehensive study of critical thinking and writing skills for ESL Learning

Level D: Advanced study of reading and writing skills for ESL Learning

Level E: Intensive ESL learning on all kinds of academic requirements


Comprehensive Listening and SpeakingBasic Vocabulary and SpellingIntroduction of Reading and Writing

Spelling and Introduction of Grammar Intermediate Reading and Writing Intermediate Listening and Pronunciation Lab

Introduction of Critical Thinking on Reading and WritingIntensive Listening and Speaking LabIntermediate Grammar Learning

Intermediate Learning Skills of Critical Thinking on Reading and Writing Advanced Listening and Speaking LabAdvanced Grammar Learning

Academic Reading and Writing LabProfessional Notetaking, Listening and SpeakingComputer Communication and Presentation

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