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Dear Parents and Students:

On behalf of the faculty and staff at DERAN ACADEMY, it is my pleasure to welcome you. Thank you for considering DERAN ACADEMY. In keeping with our school vision, our faculty and staffs are committed to doing everything possible to enable your son or daughter to learn and be successful at school in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

In DERAN ACADEMY, there are diverse courses for students to select, including Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Business, Art, and all of the academic classes needed for university. Our school also has a Shared Library for students. We are constantly working to make the school a better place for our students, staff and community members.

We will make every effort so that all students will graduate, are university ready and become successful members of society and are able to compete in an increasingly complex world in which they will work and live. We believe our students’ years at DERAN ACADEMY are their opportunity to become scholars and champions!


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